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When it's so hot that even the lizards are scurring for cover, you need a reliable indoor comfort system keeping your home cool. Who should you call for Rolling Hills air conditioning tune-ups, replacement or repair? The answer is HVAC Consulting!

An Air Conditioning Company Set Apart

HVAC Consulting is a team of experienced professionals serving the Valley Wide area. Our customers love us because we're friendly, fast and detailed. Being detailed is crucial. Too many Rolling Hills homeowners are spending more than they need to on their HVAC systems. Why? Because the inexperienced contractors they hired made the wrong call when troubleshooting an issue. When you rely on HVAC Consulting your time and money are protected. We troubleshoot with accuracy, and make recommendations that are perfect for your situation.

Heating and Air Designed For You

We don't drive trucks around the valley loaded up with equipment just waiting to be installed. That's not how we role. Each customer need is unique, and we like to visit your home and inspect the situation before we make any recommendations on service or equipment. We provide Rolling Hills air conditioning service that is centered around your specific needs, not around clearing out inventory to meet some sales quota. We want you as a customer for life -- not to just make a fast buck on a sale. For Rolling Hills air conditioning solutions that are second to none, call HVAC Consulting today at 888-720-3607.
Service Reviewed: Furnace Installation
Jeff, thank you for the outstanding job your company did installing our new furnace in September 2008. Jeff was courteous and explained all technical details in simple terms we could understand. One of the most important things to us was that he was not pushy or aggressive, but simply answered our questions honestly (i.e., no aggressive marketing push!). In addition to installing the furnace, They installed all new duct work in our attic, new heater vents throughout the house, and a simple, new wall thermostat. He and his assistant did a fine job, and it was done for a fair price. I would definitely hire him again, and I recommend him to others. Thanks a lot, Jeff!"
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Rolling Hills Air Conditioning
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Rolling Hills Air Conditioning Installation

Quality Indoor Comfort Solutions

We don't build solutions for our needs, or to sell our inventory. We design and install air conditioning systems that meet the precise needs of our customers. Every home, budget and efficiency goals are unique, and when you rely on HVAC Consulting, your needs are met precisely. From equipment selection and sizing, to the actual installation, every detail is handled with extreme care. We protect your time and money, and help you realize the efficient comfort you've been hoping for!
Rolling Hills duct installation

Rolling Hills Air Duct Modifications

One of the differences between us and a moonlighting handyman is the fact that we can handle anything related to HVAC. This means equipment repair, installation and duct design and modifications. In fact, most indoor equipment replacements always require duct modifications to meet factory specs. Plus, you don't want to spend money on an efficient heating and cooling system only to lose efficiency and performance due to duct problems. Call the leading Rolling Hills duct service company today, and protect your comfort and efficiency!
Rolling Hills AC repair

Air Conditioner and Heat Pump Repair

Has it ever happened to you? You drive through the heat and traffic on a hot September summer day, and make it home in time for the game. A quick dash through the heat has you at the front door. The key turns, the door swings open and then BOOM! A staggering heat wave whallops you in the face. This is a sign of a cooling problem. Who do you call for Rolling Hills air conditioning repair? HVAC Consulting is the company to call for prompt, accurate repair service.
York Gas Furnace

The Modern Gas Furnace

It's Southern California. Not a huge need for a gas furnace. Well, at least not like other areas of the country need them. However, when our winter nights dip down to around 40-50 degrees, a warm and cozy home is needed. And few things do that as well as a gas furnace. Granted, heat pumps are also a great option for our area, but the cost of natural gas will typically trump the cost of electricity required to run a heat pump in most areas. And remember -- a gas furnace is used all summer too. How? The fan motor in the furnace is responsible for moving air throughout the home for air conditioning too. Modern furnaces offer variable speed ECM fan motors that not only offer better comfort, but they're whisper quiet. If you've been turning up the game when the air conditioning kicks on, those days can now be over. We're the local HVAC company to call for indoor comfort done right.
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